6-21-17 Wednesday 4:30pm Bethesda MD Just saw Wonder Woman. Good show. (Spoiler alert.) I liked her character; childlike, aggressive, respectful, devoted, realistic and cooperative, and her gradual discovery of her abilities, and she wasn't perfect; for a short time she misidentified her foe. And there was plenty of action.

I should have Googled it first, had a little trouble with the plot, but I'm that way with most movies. Also should not have drunk all that diet cola in the morning; I missed a little bit of the action.

For me, the key turning point in the movie was when she had vanquished the evil diety and found out that people still wanted to fight. Steve Trevor had to explain to her hastily, that evil is not directed by an external spirit that infects people, but is within the people themselves. This to me was a tremendous, that is extremely significant and meaningful, issue, that is at the core of different religions. It was a shock to Diana to think about. Is evil Satan's fault, or ours? If it's ours, then why did God create people that have such a horrible flaw?

I believe that humans are not "flawed," but just too complicated, and evil is not the work of Satan (except perhaps as a metaphor for any conscious effort to cause suffering for its own sake among people or other conscious beings) but mainly the result of a combination of short-sighted, erroneous and/or conflicting beliefs, ignorance, varying goals, upbringings, insight, experiences, emotions and values, and neurophysiological limitations, for example, inappropriate subjective-time-shapes, or the wrong quantity or integration of mirror neurons in various people because of different circumstances, genetics, and upbringing, resulting in inadequate matches of empathy, self-interest and altruism among individuals and groups. So, referring to the drinking toast in the movie, we can't all get what we want or need, or avoid what we deserve.

And then there's the problem of babies with malaria, or little zika-brains, which is simply horrible if no one had anything to do with it, but evil if they did.

Bill W.

I posted that on Facebook, and this happened, which I really laughed at. I did get a little carried away. (-: