Mirror Neuron Humor and Scholarly References

If you're in no hurry to go to the humor page or the scholarly articles page, check out this lecture (2011) by Giacomo Rizzolatti.

Click here for the mirror neuron humor page, which is unfinished (a few links don't work yet.) NOTE: Clicking on the number of a joke gets you to a comment about it; in the comments section, clicking on the number of a comment gets back to the joke.

NOTE: An update regarding the humor page:

"Contents: 6: Searching" is a list of search engines. "Google Scholar" should be on the list. (Click here to get to Google Scholar.)

(I could have corrected that, but I no longer edit the "Mirror Neuron Humor" page itself, because I want to preserve a wonderful coincidence involved in Joke 22.)

Scholarly articles: For lists of about a thousand peer reviewed, scholarly journal citations about mirror neurons, go to mirror_neuron_articles: 951 citations from pubmed.gov. (Today, 8-26-16, there are over 1,340 results at PubMed, of a search for ["mirror neuron" OR "mirror neurons"] (both are necessary; oddly, the first is not included in many results for the second).
----------End of page (ecxept for footnote below).

"Coincidence in Joke 22": In Joke 22, someone Googles "chickens mirror neurons" which results in finding the joke itself. And that really happens. If you type that in, Google finds the mirror neuron humor page. Try it yourself! Then when you get to the mirror neuron humor page, go to Joke 22 and click on that phrase inside the joke. The same thing happens. It goes around in a circle. I didn't intend that to happen, and was delighted when I noticed it.
(In other words, The entire mirror neuron humor page is a fourth wall joke on itself. I think.)
This is not any kind of problem but I don't edit the page, because the coincidence might not work anymore.