2016 December 5, 8:45pm Pictures of my cane standing by itself a few minutes ago in the back of an auditorium in the Carnegie Institution for Science, 1530 P Street NW, Washington DC, after a video presentation of a recent* lecture by Dr. Elizabeth Loftus on "The Fiction of Memory."
(Note: The cane has nothing to do with the lecture**. I was just explaining why I was in the auditorium. Balancing my cane on carpets*** is one of my hobbies.)

The third picture**** shows me pretending to use a magical gesture to hold the cane up.

The cane stayed up over two minutes.
* In the video, she discussed the Presidential election.
** Incidentally, there is a TED Talk of Dr. Loftus at
http://blog.ted.com/tk-elizabeth-loftus-at-tedglobal-2013/ (Click on that link.)
*** Balancing it on a hard surface is much more difficult
**** The fourth picture shows another balancing, five minutes before.

I put the cane up also five minutes before that. It stayed up about a minute.

Here's a picture from a few months before, during a Bible study meeting, at which the pastor, Chuck Booker, made the pun about "raising cane."

Here are a couple of pictures made on October 6th, 2018 at the Bethesda Presbyterian Church, the first being another one by Pastor Chuck Booker, where he again uses the puns based on Cain and Abel (-: showing my straight cane with a neodymium magnet on the top, hanging from the ceiling. The second is a picture of a cane given to me by Dot M., in the church Library, an hour later. This one lasted about fifteen minutes. I shortened it for better stability and less setup time, which was about half a minute.

Bill Weitzel