December 21, 2016

(Not published)

Washington Post
Washington, D.C.

Dear Editor:


Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, has observed that President Elect Trump lives in a "Fact Free Universe."  'Fact Free' is not a slur. It is demonstrably true. He tells more lies (daily) about himself and others who criticize him than any President in the last 100+ years. He does not provide any facts about his income tax so he is free to lie about his financial world. In addition, he frequently rapidly changes his position on important societal issues so he can claim he is for or against each as is convenient.

He has clearly lied about the press in his effort to undermine the public confidence in them. If he succeeds, the public will join him in his Fact Free Universe and he will be unstoppable in his path to becoming a tyrant. Some think he will change when he becomes President. That is doubtful. If the press does not soon stop this threat, the country may suffer a growing powerlessness like the German people did in the 1930's. To paraphrase Paul Revere, "Wake up! Trump is coming."

Unfortunately, our press has not consistently and effectively confronted him.  When a prominent and accurate press organization criticized him, he banned them from presence with other press at his activities. The remaining press did not boycott these activities in protest of Trump's censorship. It may be too late but I hope the press will get organized to correctly label him a Fact Free Liar (sic) every single time he lies.


Jan Polissar
Bethesda, MD