1/25/15 (Unpublished)

NY Times

Dear Editor:


I am a Boston Patriots fan but the coach's "scientific" explanation of under inflation sounds silly to any scientist. He claimed the 2 pounds/sq. inch drop was due to atmospheric pressure change. If the game was played in the eye of a hurricane and the ball's skin were as thin as an ordinary rubber balloon, it might have caused a miniscule ball pressure change. It would have equally changed the opposition's ball pressure and this was not observed.

More phony "science": Lately it has been widely reported that the "pilot" lights from bedroom clocks, radios, phones, etc. interfered with sleep. Tonight in bed, close your eyes and then cover and uncover them with your hand or anything opaque. I find no perceivable difference. How could these pilot lights be affecting my sleep? There is a big observable change if room lights are on.

Sincerely yours,

Jan Polissar