12/27/14 (not published)

Washington Post
Washington, DC

Dear Editor:

Police Dilemma

The tragedy of police shooting young men, black or white, continues. It is interesting to observe that the subsequent investigations take days or weeks but the involved cop must make their shooting decision in seconds or less. Their life depends on it. The young need better education. if they point a gun at a person in the presence of police, they stand a good chance of being killed. In these events, where is the criticism of the parents of these young thugs who often already have criminal records? Parents and community leaders, especially religious leaders, have failed the need to educate such parents to correct their kids after the child's first arrest for any reason.

If a child must play "cops and robbers", let it be with pointed fingers. As a child, I loved my 3 shot squirt gun, my Red Rider cap pistol, and my Daisy BB gun but the world has changed. Perhaps play guns and gun use video games should be taxed to fund child education as to the dangers of guns and cars, the leading causes of child deaths. For the record, I am in favor of stronger gun responsibility rules for both police and citizens.

Sincerely yours,

Jan Polissar