When you interviewed the Mayor of Iceland, it was evident he was ADD. When you said you had many similarities, I guessed you must be ADHD. I am a retired psychiatrist, 78 yr old, graduate of Harvard Med and U. Cal Berkeley. I self diagnosed myself as ADD at age 68, already retired! My point is that ADD/ADHD need much more publicity and public education. If you are either, may I suggest you volunteer to be the "Poster Boy" for some appropriate organization to get the illness better known and in treatment.

You and Letterman are by the best interviewers for non-entertainment guests (Politicians, scientists, writers, religious, etc). Your breadth of reading and knowledge is outstanding.

Geoff is a spectacular comedian. I hope that near the end of your run you spend a whole show interviewing the man behind the voice. And please publicize it well in advance -- there will be a huge audience.

Jan Polissar, MD