(Planning on sending to New York Times)

Dear Editor


The United States was a pioneer in creating democracy and a bulwark in maintaining it through the years, despite imperfections such as supporting totalitarian governments and various domestic special interests. The time has come for reform in a remaining defect: political corruption. Our country is not alone, nor the worst, in this defective behavior but its presence leads to "trickle-down" unfairness, illegality, discouragement, divisiveness, apathy, etc. Reports of corruption seldom lead to satisfactory repair, attesting to the remaining powers of special interests.

The recent activity of the Occupy Wall St. (OWC) movement gives hope that the public will now loudly say the famous movie line: "We are fed up and we won't take it any more!" Hopefully, OWC and its derivatives across the country will soon convert its protest into effective bipartisan political action to make massive changes, erasing political corruptions and enforcing prohibition of political corruption. I believe the focus should be the root cause of special interest groups (including Wall St.) abusive power in politics -- campaign finance corruption. This will take skillful political talent. The soldiers and officers of this war are collecting and growing in strength but leadership remains weak. We need a powerful politician to step forward in this next developmental step of democracy. If not now, when?

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