Washington Post
Washington, DC

Dear Editor:

I was happy to see Kessler's Sept. 18 Fact Checker column that analyzed the lies Rep. Boehner told and also agree with letter writer Welch's comments (Sept. 26) about Sen. Bachman's lies about HPV vaccination. Unfortunately, these disgusting revelations are soon forgotten by the public. I have been puzzled over the years why lies and corruption incidents published by the top media seem to seldom have any lasting corrective result. Basically, the liars are not held accountable.

I wish the media would study how to be more effective in impacting the correction of lies and corruption. For example, the Post might keep statistics on how many "Pinocchio Noses" and "white lies" a public figure has earned and repeatedly publish the number alongside any future pronouncements these person make, whether true or additional lies. A new Pulitzer Prize could be awarded for "Best Media Accountability Enforcer." There is no chance the politicians and special interest will self-correct any time soon. Something additional has to be done to restore public confidence in government and business.

Sincerely yours,

Jan Polissar