Letters to the editor and other writings by Jan Polissar

2011-06-11 Lying Double Standard

2011-07-12 Social Security Entitlements

2011-09-26 Media Reporting on Lies and Corruption

2011-10-22 Occupancy Protest Direction

2011-11-14 President Obama's Choice

2012-04-26 Accelerate Evolution of English Language

2012-08-18 Negative Political Ads

2012-09-13 Who Says So?

2012-09-22 DO NOT CALL ME (see also 2013-10-27)

2012-11-02 Deceptive Political Campaigning

2013-10-09 Cost of Government

2013-10-11 Mental Illness and Violence

2013-10-16 Who is Accountable?

2013-10-26 Obamacare

2013-10-27 Failure to Correct (Do Not Call List) (see also 2012-09-22)

2013-12-29 Employment Loan

2014-01-10 Postal Savings

2014-01-18 Telephone Scammers

2014-03-11 Space Waste (Washington Post)

2014-09-04 Compliment- Letter to Craig Ferguson

2014-09-19 Marriott- Tipping (Washington Post)

2014-09-25 Police Body Cameras (Washington Post, not published)

2014-12-13 Police Profiling (Washington Post, not published)

2014-12-27 Police Dilemma (Washington Post, not published)

2015-01-25 Phony Science- Underinflation, night light (NYT, not published)

2015-03-21 White House surveillance tapes (NYT, not published)

2015-10-21 Donald Trump / Jeb Bush (Washington Post)

2016-12-21 Fact Free Universe (about Donald Trump) (Washington Post, not published)