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is a link to the Master Clock of the U. S. Naval Observatory showing Coordinated Universal Time (like GMT) and six U.S.A. time zones (may take a short time to load in.)

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Coincidences. This is a PDF file, with coincidences I've experienced, some lame, some amazing. I don't draw any conclusions. (In this file, in the episode "No, I am Bill Johnson" I called myself "Johnson," to keep the name of someone else private. I wrote the article years ago, for a venue that was more anonymous. Here, it would not be hard to figure out the other person's name..... I just realized that the file, on this page, about Mr. Comey and Senator King, also could be a coincidence. It appears to me that Senator King was ready to make that reference to King Henry, and Mr. Comey surprised him by doing it himself. (Hmmm.... Senator King and King Henry....))

Comey and Sen. King recall Henry II saying,
"Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?" 6/7/17 about 11:42am. This is a 35sec 320x240 QVGA mp4 file, which may download automatically onto your cell phone or computer.... See my comment, on this page, in the reference to the coincidences article.

Raising cane at the Carnegie Institution for Science and elsewhere

Herb's letter June 6


The God Project, a New Yorker review by H. Allen Orr, 3 April 2006, of Daniel Dennett's book, Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon (four JPEGs)

The Nameless Concept (namely, "psychoactive" (a noun))

Psychoactive Management, an idea whose time has not yet come (as of June 2017).

"Students challenge parents' climate-change skepticism" Washington Post, June 4, 2017, page A6 (JPEG)

Jan's letters to the editor

Wonder Woman review of new movie June 2017

In a restaurant

Sr. Helen Prejean, description of DVD sessions discussing capitol punishment

Mirror neuron peer-reviewed scholarly articles

Mirror neuron humor

KJV "Book Bible" pure ASCII text. Use browser's "find in page." Each verse shows its book. Text is from Project Gutenberg. Kjvlinks is the same with a few internal links.

Tolerable, a rumination on 2 parts of Luke 10.

Letter from God to a smoker

Bart D. Ehrman excerpts from Wikipedia

Psalms 23 and 100 rumination on 23 -- death and immortality -- and comparison with 100

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