\\=^)   Hello! Hope you're having a good day! Here are a few things I use and/or like to share.
---Bill W

1) What time is it? Here are three phone numbers you can call to calibrate your watch or clock to the second.

A) (202) 762-1401 USNO Master Clock

B) (303) 499-7111 WWV also s.w. radio

C) (808) 335-4363 WWVH Hawaii, also s.w. radio

Details ---

A) Master Clock, U. S. Naval Observatory: Exact Eastern Time and Universal Time;
The announcements and ticking and beeps last over a minute. (It usually answers promptly. If it rings several times, disconnect and call again right away.)
More about that phone number: This article begins with a picture of a clock that is accurate to within a second per billion years.
How the Master Clock Sets Time For The World

B) More about WWV -- Google "Wikipedia WWV time"

C) More about WWVH -- Google "Wikipedia WWVH"

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2) Looking for some mirror neuron humor? Click here, (*) for a collection of mirror neuron jokes, riddles, and other humor. (So far as I know, this is the only place on the internet specializing in mirror neuron humor.)
Note: This site is not completely finished, I stopped working on it when I found that something very interesting happens when Googling in joke #22, so I didn't want to change the file. (* You can also Google the phrase,
"chickens mirror neurons".)

Here are some more jokes about neuroscience. One of the categories in this list is neurons, but there are no jokes about mirror neurons.

These two sites were made by different people, the first one being written by myself.)

For a more scholarly mirror neuron related experience, here are some mirror neuron articles
listed at
PubMed.gov a website which indexes over 34 million ( ! ) citations of biomedical literature (many of which are available full text), life science journals, and online books.

3) Ed's files

4) 404 error

Online HTML page viewers

5) Coincidences. These are some coincidences I've experienced or read about; some lame, some amazing. I don't draw any conclusions.

6) Raising cane at the Carnegie Institution for Science and elsewhere

7) Herb's letter June 6

8) What's the difference between Progressive Christianity and Buddhism?

9) Grasshopper

10) The God Project, a New Yorker review by H. Allen Orr, 3 April 2006, of Daniel Dennett's book, Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon (four JPEGs)

11) The Nameless Concept (namely, "psychoactive" (a noun))

12) Psychoactive Management, an idea for dealing with problems of psychoactive substance use, misuse, and abuse.

13) "Students challenge parents' climate-change skepticism" Washington Post, June 4, 2017, page A6 (JPEG)

14) Jan's letters to the editor

15) Wonder Woman review of new movie June 2017

16) In a restaurant

17) Sr. Helen Prejean, description of DVD sessions discussing capitol punishment

18) KJV "Book Bible" pure ASCII text. Use browser's "find in page." Each verse shows its book. Text is from Project Gutenberg. Kjvlinks is the same with a few internal links.

19) Tolerable, a rumination on 2 parts of Luke 10.

20) Letter from God to a smoker

21) Bart D. Ehrman excerpts from Wikipedia

22) Psalms 23 and 100 rumination on 23 -- death and immortality -- and comparison with 100

(23)) Hi, Margaret!